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Finding a Company's Competitors

Value Line

This page shows how to find a public company's competitors using the Value Line database. These instructions demonstrate a search for the competitors of Pepsico, Inc.

Open the Value Line link below:

Value Line Dashboard

  • The Value Line site displays a set of links in a banner at the top of the page.

  • Click the link labeled "Browse Research."

Value Line home page and toolbar

Browse Research

This is a page with the heading "List Universe" and a search box.

  • Enter "PepsiCo" in the search box.

  • Hit the "Enter" key to search.

PepsiCo search

The search retrieves the company profile for PepsiCo., Inc.

Value Line's company profiles display the industries that with which individual companies are affiliated. PepsiCo's company profile indicates it is affiliated with the Beverage industry.

To find competitors in the Beverage industry, click "Browse Research" to return to the previous screen.

PepsiCo., Inc. company profile

Industry Screens

  • Under "List Universe," locate the box labeled "Value Line Featured Lists." 

  • In the box, click on the "Select screens" dropdown under "Industry Screens." 

Value Line Featured lists with Industry Screens highlighted

  • The drop-down menu will display a list of industries.

  • Scroll down the list and select "Beverage."

Industry Screens dropdown list with Beverage highlighted

The results will list profiles of companies in the beverage industry. 

List of companies in the beverage industry