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Finding a Company's Competitors


NetAdvantage, a Standard & Poor's database, offers a variety of features, including information on a company's competitors.

The following instructions demonstrate a search for the key competitors of Rollins, Inc.

Open the NetAdvantage link below:

NetAdvantage Homepage Search

  • At the top of the NetAdvantage homepage, enter "Rollins" into the searchbox.

  • A dropdown results list will appear.

  • In the dropdown, select "Rollins, Inc."

Netadvantage search box with dropdown results for Rollins keyword

Company Profile Page

  • Selecting Rollins, Inc. will open the Rollins, Inc. Public Company Profile.

  • In the column on the left side of the page, locate the "Peer Analysis" heading. 

  • Under Peer Analysis, select "Quick Comps."

A list of links on the Rollins Public Company profile with the Quick Comps link highlighted

Quick Comps Screen

  • Selecting "Quick Comps" will display the Quick Comparable Analysis page for Rollins, Inc.

The Quick Comparable Analysis page for Rollins, Inc.