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SOWK 3013 Interviewing Skills in General Practice (BA): Just For Fun

Social Work Jokes

How many social workers does it take to change a light bulb? One. But the light has to want to change.  Or, one of these alternatives:

  • "The light bulb doesn't need changing, it's the system that needs to change."
  • None. Social workers never change anything.
  • None. They empower it to change itself!
  • None. The light bulb is not burnt out, it's just differently lit.
  • None. They set up a team to write a paper on coping with darkness.
  • Two. One to change the bulb and another to put your kids into care.
  • Five. One to screw it in, three to form the support group, and one to help with placement.

More Social Work Humor

This is a little bit old (2017), but it helps us celebrate National Social Worker's Day (always the third Tuesday of March).

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