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Searching for Company Ratios

Investing Center (formerly Morningstar)

This page will show you the steps for searching for company ratios in the Morningstar database.

Open the Investing Center link below:

Investing Center Homepage Search

  • Enter "Rollins" 

  • Select "Rollins, Inc." from the results dropdown. 

Investing Center search for Rollins

Rollins, Inc. Investing Center Report

Selecting Rollins, Inc. will open the company's Investing Center report. 

The top portion of the report, "Morningstar Fundamentals," contains the general financials for Rollins, Inc.

Rollins, Inc. Morningstar Fundamentals

In the menu row beneath "Morningstar Fundamentals," select "Key Metrics."

Rollins, Inc. Menu Bar with Key Metrics circled

Key Metrics

After clicking on "Key Metrics," the report "zooms" to this section.

  • In the menu row beneath "Fundamentals," select "Financial Health."

Key Metrics Menu Bar with Financial Health circled

  • Click on the "Financial Health" tab to retrieve historical ratios.

Key Metrics: Financial Health

Financial Statements

The "Financial Statements" portion also contains relevant information.

  • In the menu row beneath "Morningstar Fundamentals," select "Financials." (Or, scroll down the report to the "Financial Statements" section.)

  • Click on the arrows within the table to expand the table and retreive additional information on revenue, income, expenses, and more.

Rollins, Inc. Financial Statements