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Searching for Company Ratios in Mergent

Follow these steps to search for company ratios in Mergent Online. This example uses Rollins, Inc., a pest control company. 

  • Go to Mergent online through the link above. 
  • After the page loads, enter "Rollins" in the Company Search box:
  • Click "Go."

Basic search page with Rollins in search bar

  • In the Search Results, click "Rollins, Inc." in the "Companies Found" table.  

basic search results for rollins

  • The Rollins, Inc. Business Summary page will appear.
  • On the Business Summary page, click on the Company Financials tab:

Company financials tab on Rollins, inc. profile page.

  • ​​​In the Company Financials tab, click "ratios." You will be directed to a page showing Rollins, inc.'s ratios. 

Ratios link highlighted on Rollins company financials tab.