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Searching for Industry Ratios

Searching with SIC Codes in D&B Hoovers

This page will show you the steps for searching for industry ratios in D&B Hoovers with SIC codes.

SIC Code Retrieval

Open the SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) System Search link below:

SIC System Search

Enter your search keyword(s) in the appropriate box.

  • TIP: To retrieve the most results, use broad keywords.

This search uses the keyword "Insurance."

SIC System Search for Insurance

The SIC Search Results list appears. Scroll through the list and read the names of the codes to find the best match.

  • TIP: Click on the blue links to read a description of each code.

In this search, SIC Code 6331: Fire, Marine, and Casualty Insurance, is the best match.

SIC Search Results with 6331 circled

D&B Hoovers

Open the D&B Hoovers link below:

The D&B Hoovers homepage appears. Under "Research Industries" box, click "Get Started."

D&B Hoovers Research Industries with Get Started circled

D&B Hoovers Industries Search

The search form is preset to search the D&B Hoovers Industries codes. Click "change" and select "US SIC 1987" to search by SIC codes.

D&B Hoovers Search Industries with Change circled

Search page Dropdown box with US SIC 1987 circled

Type the code you retrieved from the SIC search (i.e., 6331 in this example) in the search box. Click on the full code name that appears below the search box to add it to the search list.

Search for 6331 with full code name circled

Click "View Results."

Filled search form with View Results circled

Results List

The Results List appears. Click on the blue hyperlink to retrieve the full industry report.

Results List with blue hyperlink circled

D&B Hoovers Industry Report

The industry's D&B Hoovers report appears.

The left side of the screen features a menu with the different sections of the report.

Select "RMA Industry Norms."

Industry Report with RMA Industry Norms circled

Click "PDF" to retrieve the information in a new window.

RMA Industry Norms with PDF circled

Industry Norms PDF with Ratios data circled