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Searching for Industry Ratios


This page will show you the steps for searching for industry ratios in NetAdvantage with keyword searching.

Open the NetAdvantage Link below:

The NetAdvantage homepage appears. In the toolbar near the top of the screen, click "Research."

NetAdvantage homepage with Research circled

Investment Research: Quick Search

The Investment Research page appears. Click the tab for "Quick Search" (if not already selected).

The "Search Criteria" box is at the top of the page.

In the "Keyword" box, type your chosen keyword(s) (i.e., "fire" in this example).

TIP: Using fewer keywords will broaden your search.

In the "Report Type" drop-down box, select "Industry Overview."

Click "Search."

NetAdvantage Quick Search form with fields filled out and Search circled

Results List

The Results List appears. To organize the list, click on the blue hyperlink for "Headline." This will sort industry names in alphabetical order.

Results List with Headline circled

Scroll through the list to read the industry names and find the best match. Click on the blue hyperlink in the row for the most recent year available.

In this search, the best match is "Property & Casualty Insurance."

Results List with Property & Casualty Insurance circled

NetAdvantage Industry Report

The industry's NetAdvantage report appears in a new window.

Scroll down the window to read the report. The "Download" hyperlink at the top of the window will download a copy of the report in PDF format.

NetAdvantage Industry Report

NetAdvantage Industry Reports will contain both prose and data tables. Use the CTRL+F feature in the document viewer to search for "ratio" and locate the relevant information.

In this example, graphs and commentary are found on p. 7. There is also a statement about the combined ratio on p. 15.

Ratio graphs and details 

Ratio prose with relevant statement circled

These reports also contain charts listing the ratios of specific companies, which you can use to calculate the industry ratio.

Company ratios chart