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The primary mission of the Library is to support the educational, research, and outreach objectives of the University by:

organizing and providing access to information resources, both on-site and through remote access, and
promoting the necessary conditions for their effective use, organization, and maintenance.
Its secondary mission is to provide the same services to residents of the Eastern Oklahoma region.

Below are some links to additional specialized services.


Welcome to this course guide!

This resource guide has been created for the Cherokee Cultural Heritage course number CHER 4113/AMST 5923, with an emphasis on Cherokee culture and historical research. Use the tabs above to find links for various types of information.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please use the information on the right to contact me (either phone or email). You can also email reference or set up a research consultation by using the "Ask a Librarian" link.

Useful Links

NSU Libraries use the Library of Congress classification system for the following library collections:
Curriculum Materials (circulating collection)
Main Collection (circulating collection)
Periodicals (non-circulating collection)
Reference Collection (non-circulating collection)
Special Collections (non-circulating collection)

Library of Congress (LC-call numbers on how materials are organized and how to read call numbers in an academic library, see the link below)
Library of Congress Classification Outline by main classes, see the link below)

Other useful links:

Library of Congress - Class E-F - History of the Americas

  • E11-143 - America
  • E51-73 - Pre-Columbian America. the Indians
  • E75-99 - Indians of North America
  • E81-83 - Indian Wars
  • E99 - Indian Tribes and Cultures
  • E151-179 - United States - General, sources and documents, historiography, biography, and historical geography
  • F1-975 - United States Local History 

JVL Librarian

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SophiaBeverley Threatt
Librarian/Instructor of Library Services
John Vaughan Library 213a
Northeastern State University
Tahlequah, OK 74464