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Career Exploration for COLA Majors: MLA Citation

Guide to careers for College of Liberal Arts majors.

Research Paper Guidelines (MLA)

MLA offers some guidelines for writing a research paper using the MLA 9th edition.  These guidelines are the basics. In the event a different style or different edition is required, one should consult with your instructor or review your assignment instructions on formatting a research paper.

Citing Hints

Be aware when using any cite feature or citation feature in a database or online source to double check to see if you have selected the correct style manual edition required by your instructor or professor. Check for accuracy when exporting into a citation manager tool or if copying and pasting into a word document. It is important to have a working knowledge of the citation style (APA, MLA, Chicago) in order to recognize glitches or mistakes that may occur when copying and pasting information or exported information into a citation manager.

Rule number one: As the author of your work, article, presentation, or research assignment, it is your responsibility to ensure all citations on the Reference or Works Cited page are correct. This also applies to your in text citations.

Rule number two: Check or review your work, references, quotes, paraphrasing, summarizing, citations, and format to make certain it is following the citation style requirements assigned by the professor or instructor.