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FIN 3633 Investments: Books & More

In Finance 3633, techniques developed in the Principles of Finance course are applied to investment decisions made in securities markets. Among the topics covered are: goal and strategy development, the impact of economic and industry factors, basic secur

Reference Titles - B.A.

Searching for Books at NSU

How do I search for material at the NSU Libraries?

Search the NSU Libraries' Online Catalog (see the link below):

Resources for locating various trends may be found here.  Be sure to incorporate these terms into your search:

  • Trend*
  • New development*
  • Prediction*
  • Forecast*

Search for E-Books using EBSCO and other sources (see the links below):

Remember -- Document Delivery Service:

The NSU Libraries share materials and resources.  If there is an item located at one of our other campuses, you may request. free of charge, to have materials sent to your home campus.  Document delivery is a service used to borrow materials owned by other NSU campus libraries.

Searching for Books Elsewhere

How do I locate information not available at NSU?

Interlibrary Loan is available free of charge in which books and copies of articles can be borrowed from other libraries.  Allow approximately two weeks for interlibrary loan requests to be received.