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English 4623/5723 Romantic Poetry: Biography/Autobiography

English Literature - Call Number PR

Books for English Literature begin with the call number PR. For more information about how to locate books by genre, period, history and criticism, different eras, letters, diaries, collections, prose, fiction or nonfiction and more, see the link below.

JVL Books - Poets

Person By or About

Print books or eBooks or items available via Interlibrary Loan are available that provide a biographical overview of a poet. Full-length biographies may be found through the Library Discovery system and the "Books & Media" tab for books owned by NSU Libraries, or if NSU Libraries doesn't have a copy, use the "Everything" tab and submit a request through Interlibrary Loan. When using the "Books & Media" tab, from the drop-down menu, select the "subject" search and enter the person's name. The "subject" search option pulls information about a person.

Example poet:

Keats John or John Keats

Example poet:

Smith Charlotte or Charlotte Smith

Example poet:

Blake William or William Blake

Databases - biographical

NSU Libraries offer databases providing biographical content and accessible online in electronic format. Below are a selection of databases to consider: