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MKT 3213 Principles of Marketing: Find Books

Where to Find Books

Print format books are available by searching the NSU online catalog (see the "NSU Libraries Home Page" link below).

Searches may be limited to just the Broken Arrow campus for convenience. Books available on the Tahlequah campus may be ordered for delivery to the Broken Arrow campus. It usually takes two to three days for materials to arrive via inter-campus mail.

Electronic books: EBSCO provides access to over 25,000 academic books to NSU students 24/7 (see the link below).

Materials unavailable at any NSU library may be obtained via Interlibrary Loan (ILL).  Interlibrary loan is a free service that allows NSU patrons to borrow materials from other libraries. 

Articles are delivered electronically and typically arrive within two days of placing the request. Allow approximately two weeks for books and other physical materials to be received.  Be aware that requests are usually filled quickly, but can sometimes take longer. Request ILL items early!  Check out the below link to access your interlibrary loan account.

Call Number Ranges for Browsing the Shelves

Subclass HF - Commerce (HF1-6182)

  • HF 294-343: Boards of trade. Chambers of commerce. Merchants' associations
  • HF 1014: Balance of trade
  • HF 1021-1027: Commercial geography. Economic geography
  • HF 1040-1054: Commodities. Commercial products
  • HF 1701-2701: Tariff. Free trade. Protectionism
  • HF 3000-4055: By region or country
  • HF 5001-6182: Business

Business (HF 5001-6182) can further be subdivided into the following sections:

  • HF 5381-5386: Vocational guidance. Career development
  • HF 5387-5387.5: Business ethics
  • HF 5410-5417.5: Marketing. Distribution of products
  • HF 5419-5422: Wholesale trade
  • HF 5428-5429.6: Retail trade
  • HF 5429.7-5430.6: Shopping centers. Shopping malls
  • HF 5437-5444: Purchasing. Selling. Sales personnel. Sales executives
  • HF 5446-5459: Canvassing. Peddling
  • HF 5460-5469.5: Department stores. Mail order business. Supermarkets. Convenience stores
  • HF 5469.7-5481: Markets. Fairs
  • HF 5482-5482.4: Secondhand trade
  • HF 5482.6-5482.65: Black market
  • HF 5484-5495: Warehouses. Storage
  • HF 5520-5541: Office equipment
  • HF 5691-5716: Business mathematics. Commercial arithmetic-including tables, etc.
  • HF 5717-5734.7: Business communication-including business report writing, business correspondence
  • HF 5735-5746: Business records management
  • HF 5761-5780: Shipment of goods. Delivery of goods
  • HF 5801-6182: Advertising

InterLibrary Loan

Our NSU Interlibrary Loan service provides access to materials from other libraries or those not held in the NSU Libraries collections. ILL services are available to all students, faculty, and staff in the NSU community at no charge.

Interlibrary Loan requests can be submitted and tracked electronically on or off campus through your ILL account, providing secure access, convenience, and expedient processing and delivery.

To login and place an Interlibrary Loan request, use the account link below. If you are searching for items in our Discovery catalog interface, simply click the "Request via Interlibrary Loan" button to create a request.