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Finding SWOT Reports

Business Source Elite

This page will show you the steps for finding SWOT reports in Business Source Elite. This example uses Microsoft.

Open the Business Source Elite link below:

After Business Source Elite opens, click "Company Profiles" in the top toolbar.

BSE home page with "Company Profiles" circled

Enter the company name in the search box at the top of the screen. (This example has "Alphabetical" selected. You can also select "Match Any Words.") Then, click the "Browse" button:

Search box w/ "Microsoft;" "Browse" button circled

Click the PDF hyperlink to retrieve the company's MarketLine report.

Search results w/ Microsoft's report link circled

The MarketLine Report for the selected company will appear:

Microsoft Company Profile cover page

The Table of Contents is on page 2 of the report and will indicate which page contains the SWOT analysis.

ToC w/ arrow pointing to SWOT Analysis

Find the company's detailed SWOT analysis beginning on the appropriate page:

Microsoft SWOT Analysis