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SOWK 2013 Introduction to Social Work: Books


Searching Help

UCLA Library. (2015, Jan 9). Crafting A Savvy Search Strategy: Part 1 [Video]. YouTube. Retrieved from

Use the following terms to help in your search for social work resources:

social work & ethics

social work & multiculturalism 

multicultural social work

social work

social service

social work & intervention strategy


Browsing the Shelves

The NSU Libraries use the Library of Congress (LC) Classification System for the Main Collection. This organizational system uses a combination of letters and numbers to shelf items according to the same subject.

Below are examples of the starting LC numbers that materials for social work may be found. This is not a complete list. 

HV: Social Pathologies, Social & Public Welfare, and Criminology

HN: Social history and conditions, Social problems, Social reforms

HQ: Communities, Classes, Races