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Native American History - 3723 (Navajo Project): Navajo Information

JVL items



Thesis/Dissertations located in Special Collections at the John Vaughan Library.

The following examples of titles are theses/dissertations that are located at other libraries, worldwide. They are not owned by NSU Libraries. Students would need to go thorough the NSU Libraries Interlibrary Loan system to request the item. If you are a NSU student, faculty, or staff member and do not have your Interlibrary Loan account, please see the tab "Library Services" in this guide for instructions and further information.

To search for theses/dissertations, like these, in the library Discovery system, use the "Everything" tab from the Library home page and use the keyword search option. Type keywords: navajo indians education and intermountain. Once you have pulled results, on the left side of the results, limit the format to "thesis/dissertation." Or you can use the subject search option and enter the terms "Intermountain Indian School." Again, limit the format to "thesis/dissertation."

This item, by Coombs, is owned by NSU Libraries and is located in Special Collections at the John Vaughan Library, NSU Tahlequah campus. For open access to the full text of Coombs' book, use the open access database, and search by title.

Open Access Item Examples

The following items are examples of open access items. Many are downloadable through open access or the Digital Commons at Utah State University.

  • "Cultural Studies in Indian Education" by Dave Warren [ Jan.1974] ERIC number ED165948
  • "Students at Risk: Follow-Up Study of the Educational Effects on Students Displaced by the Closure of Intermountain Inter-Tribal School," by Glenn Latham and Carolyn Barcas [Feb. 1986] ERIC number ED296863
  • Tonnies, Carol, "Away for the Homeland: Why Students Fought to Keep Intermountain Indian School Open" (2016). All Graduate Plan B and other Reports. 849.
  • Whitaker, Maurice C., "Organization and Administration of Student Government - Particular Reference to Intermountain Indian School" (1972). All Graduate Plan B and other Reports. 696.


For additional information about the Navajo Indians and the education program at the Intermountain School, search the online open access of the Utah State University Libraries and their Digital Commons (link below). By using the simple keyword search string "navajo intermountain school," many results will be pulled and are downloadable or link to full text.

Below are some links to additional resources.

Featured Book

Featured Title: The Earth Memory Compass: Dine Landscapes and Education in the Twentieth Century, written by Dr. Farina King, Associate Professor in the History Department and affiliate of the Cherokee and Indigenous Studies Department  at Northeastern State University, Tahlequah, Oklahoma. 

Special Collections (JVL)

To search for items located in Special Collections at the John Vaughan Library, use the "Books and Media" tab from the Library home page. Select the "subject" search option, type the terms Navajo Indians, and refine the collection to "special collections" then click the search buttom.