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Naxos Music Library: A User's Guide


Naxos Music Library allows users to save their favorite tracks and albums to their list of Favorites. Below are the steps to follow for using the Favorites feature.

Note: You must create a Naxos Music Library User Account with your NSU e-mail address to access this feature.

First, click on "Favourites" on the left-hand side of the screen. (Note: Naxos uses the British spelling, "Favourites.")

Naxos home page with "Favourites" circled

This redirects you to the login screen, where you will log in with your NSU e-mail address and Naxos Music Library password.

Naxos account login page

Logging in takes you to the Favourites page.

"Favourites" page after logging in

The Favourites page is where your favorite tracks and albums will appear after you mark them as a Favorite.

To mark a single track as a Favorite, select the checkbox next to it. Clicking on the Heart-shaped icon in the upper right-hand area above the track listing adds the track to your Favourites.

Album w/ single track selected & heart circled

You can also select multiple tracks:

Album with multiple tracks selected

Clicking the top checkbox, "Select All," selects the entire album (all tracks).

Album track listing with "Select All" circledAlbum with all tracks selected 

Clicking on the "Favourites" page takes you to the list of all items you saved. Click on the Play icon (triangle inside a circle) to play your favorites!

Favourites list with Play icon circled

To delete items from your Favourites list, select the checkbox next to the item (or items) you wish to delete. (You can also choose "Select All.") Click on the trash can in the upper right hand corner to delete the items from your list.

Favorites list: 1 item selected, trash can circled


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