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Naxos Music Library: A User's Guide


Naxos Music Library allows users to create their own Playlists. Below are the steps to follow for using the Playlists feature.

Note: You must create a Naxos Music Library User Account with your NSU e-mail address to access this feature.

First, click on "Playlists" on the left-hand side of the screen.

Naxos home page with "Playlists" circled

Click on "Login" in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

Playlists page with "Login" circled

This redirects you to the login screen, where you will log in with your NSU e-mail address and Naxos Music Library password.

Naxos account login page

Logging in takes you to the Playlists page.

To create Playlists, you will first need to create a folder. To create a folder, click the plus sign in the Folder column.

Playlists with Add Folder plus sign circled

In the "New Folder" window, enter a name for your folder under "Folder Name." ("Author" and "Remarks" are optional.) If you want to make your folder private, select the "Secure Folder" checkbox. Click "Save."

New Folder form with "Folder Name" filled in

The new folder now appears in the "Folders" list.

To create a Playlist under this folder, click "Create Playlist."

Playlists with Create Playlist circled

In the "New Playlist" window, enter a name for your playlist under "Playlist" name. ("Author" and "Remarks" are optional.) Click "Save Playlist."

New Playlist form with "Playlist Name" filled in

The new playlist now appears in the "Playlists" list.

Playlists with folder and playlist created

To add tracks or albums to your playlist, select the tracks you want, then click on the Plus sign.

Album with tracks selected & Plus sign circled

The "Add To Playlist" window appears. Select the appropriate folder and playlist from the drop-down menus. Click "Save."

Add To Playlist form with choices selected

Navigate back to the Playlists page and click on your chosen playlist.

Playlists page with chosen playlist circled

Click on the Play icon (triangle inside a circle) to listen to your playlist!

Chosen playlist with Play icon circled

To delete items from your playlist, select the checkbox next to the item you wish to delete. (You can also choose "Select All.") Click on the trash can in same row as the item you checked to delete the item from your list.

Playlist with track selected and trash can circled

You can also delete an entire playlist or folder by selecting it from your Playlists page and clicking the matching trash can.

Selected playlist with trash cans circled

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