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MUS 3853 History and Literature of Music III: Find Books

Where to Find Books

Print format books are available by searching the NSU online catalog (see the "NSU Libraries Home Page" link below).

Searches may be limited to just the Broken Arrow campus for convenience. Books available on the Tahlequah campus may be ordered for delivery to the Broken Arrow campus. It usually takes two to three days for materials to arrive via inter-campus mail.

Electronic books: EBSCO provides access to over 25,000 academic books to NSU students 24/7 (see the link below).

Materials unavailable at any NSU library may be obtained via Interlibrary Loan (ILL).  Interlibrary loan is a free service that allows NSU patrons to borrow materials from other libraries. 

Articles are delivered electronically and typically arrive within two days of placing the request. Allow approximately two weeks for books and other physical materials to be received.  Be aware that requests are usually filled quickly, but can sometimes take longer. Request ILL items early!  Check out the below link to access your interlibrary loan account.

Call Number Ranges for Browsing the Shelves

Subclass ML - Literature on Music (ML1-3930)

ML1-5                Periodicals. Serials
ML12-21            Directories. Almanacs
ML25-28            Societies and other organizations
ML29-31            Special collections
ML32-33            Institutions
ML35-38            Festivals. Congresses
ML40-44            Programs
ML45                 Circulars and advertisements
ML46                 Scrapbooks
ML47-54.8         Librettos. Texts. Scenarios
ML55-89            Aspects of the field of music as a whole
ML93-96.5         Manuscript studies and manuscripts
ML100-109        Dictionaries. Encyclopedias
ML110-111.5      Music librarianship
ML112-112.5      Music printing and publishing
ML112.8-158.8   Bibliography

ML159-3785       History and criticism

ML159-161         General works
ML162-197         By period
ML198-360.6      By region or country
ML385-429         Biography
ML430-458         Composition and performance
ML459-1380       Instruments and instrumental music
ML1400-3275     Vocal music
ML3300-3351     Program music
ML3400-3465     Dance music
ML3469-3541     Popular music
ML3544-3776     Folk, national, and ethnic music
ML3780              Music on particular topics
ML3785              Musical journalism

ML3790-3792     Music trade
ML3795              Music as a profession. Vocational guidance
ML3797-3799.5  Musical research

ML3800-3923     Philosophical and societal aspects of music. Physics and acoustics of music. Physiological aspects of music

ML3800              General works
ML3805-3817     Physics and acoustics
ML3820              Physiological aspects of music
ML3830-3840     Psychology
ML3845-3877     Aesthetics
ML3880-3915     Criticism
ML3916-3918     Social and political aspects of music
ML3919-3920     Moral influence of music. Therapeutic use of music
ML3921-3921.8  Religious aspects of music
ML3922              Music in the workplace

ML3928-3930     Literature for Children