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InterLibrary Loan/Document Delivery

Infographic containing top 5 ILL request cancellation reasons

Why We Cancel ILL Requests
The Top 5 Reasons

1. We Ran Out of Resources
    We could not find a library willing to lend us the item. Requests for a dissertation/thesis are also very hard to retrieve.
2. The Item is Too New
    Many libraries will not lend new items and some do not even have the item in hand yet. Items published in the past 6-12 months are difficult to obtain.
3. We Could Not Meet Your Deadline
    In many cases, patrons submit a "desired" date instead of an actual "need by" date which may result in not getting the materials.
4. Textbook
    Our library policy prohibits borrowing course materials for your classes.
5. Inaccurate Citations
    A citation that is lacking required information or contains conflicting elements may be cancelled if we cannot verify what is being requested.

NOTE: Copyright Issues
    We are limited to how many articles we can fulfill for our patrons by copyright law and we may have to cancel a request from time to time to comply.