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Library Staff Directory


Brent Swearingen - Technical Services Director
(918) 444-3280

Responsibilities Include:
Oversight of Technical Services department and projects
Collection/Catalog maintenance
Vendor contact
Cataloging: monographs, electronic resources, music, serials, theses and dissertations, Federal and Oklahoma documents and serials
Statistical reporting
Acquisitions supervisor
Withdrawal/Weeding supervisor


Nancy Edscorn - Acquisitions Specialist
(918) 444-3285  

Responsibilities Include:
Oversight of acquisitions budget
Ordering, receiving, and invoicing of physical and digital resources
Vendor contact
License maintenance
Business Office contact


Elizabeth Hamilton - Library Technician II
(918) 444-3286  

Responsibilities Include:
Oversight of bindery shipments  
EBSCO contact  
Oversight of gift receipt, acknowledgment, and pre-searching 
Claims processing
Better World Books Contact


‚ÄčDalana Leach - Cataloging Specialist
(918) 444-3296  

Responsibilities Include:
Cataloging: monographs, curriculum materials, youth collection, serials
Processing supervisor
Departmental supply coordinator
Monographic mending supervisor
Withdraw coordinator


Jenifer Rogers - Library Technician III
(918) 444-3287  

Responsibilities Include:
Cataloging: AV, curriculum materials, monographs, added volumes and copies
Technical Services student worker coordinator
Relocations coordinator
Curriculum materials coordinator
AV mending and withdrawal supervisor