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BIOL 3114 - Genetics Lab (JVL): Outlines and Annotated Bibliographies


Creating an outline for your academic paper or essay can help you structure your paper and develop your ideas. After you have developed your thesis statement, subject, or main idea, you outline will structure the main body of the paper. Divide your supporting information, ideas, or arguments into logical units, numbering or labeling each unit, e.g. with Roman numerals.

For detailed information on preparing an outline, including an example, please see the guide below.

Annotated Bibliography

Like a normal bibliography, works cited, or references list, an annotated bibliography includes a list of properly-cited resources (books, articles, etc.) used in the creation of an academic paper. However, an annotated bibliography also includes an annotation, or description of the cited resource, under each citation. Annotations are typically 3-4 sentences in length, and include both a description and a critical evaluation of the resource.

For detailed information on preparing an annotated bibliography, including examples, please see the guide below.