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American History 1493-Community Histories: Community Histories

Community Research

This page of the guide provides an example of two communities to illustrate types of information used to research the local community history of Tahlequah, Oklahoma and Northeastern State University (NSU) community.

When searching your chosen community locale, consider the following:

  • town or city website
  • local historians
  • family history
  • ancestors
  • oral histories
  • newspapers (local newspaper)
  • public libraries (local history)
  • schools
  • courthouse (records)
  • murals or local artwork or artists
  • historical society
  • memorials (statues, monuments)
  • chamber of commerce
  • famous people (military personnel, business owners, merchants, townspeople, local heroes)
  • church records (cemeteries, church records)
  • historical structures (buildings, homes, bridges)
  • streets (check to see why a street was named after someone or something of significance)
  • local celebrations (annual parades to celebrate the town's history)

People or Persons of Interest