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American History To 1877: Books

Library Accounts

To check out items at NSU Libraries, the Information Desk is located on the 1st floor, north entrance of the John Vaughan Library. The Information Desk contact phone number is 918-444-3235. 

Undergraduate Loan Periods for check out items:
Three Weeks - for items from the Main Collection, Y Collection, Government Publications, and Curriculum Materials
One Week - for Audio Visual items (CDs or DVDs)
Library Use only - Periodicals, Newspapers, Magazines, and Reference materials
Special Collections' items are non-circulating and must be used in Special Collections
Reserve Collection - Varies (check with the Information Desk for specifics)

Number of items that can be checked out at one time:
Undergraduate Students: 15

Print Limits:
Students are provided a 100 page print limit in the library at the start of each semester. Any additional pages can be purchased at the Information Desk.

Library Books

Use the Library Discovery system to search for books by keyword, title, author, or by using the subject search option. 

Example search terms:

  • jacksonian era
  • ​indian removal act
  • mexican war
  • civil war
  • revolution and american history

For information about American history or events to 1877-

  • american history AND 19th century
  • puritanism
  • columbus
  • Frederick Douglass
  • pre-columbian america
  • War of 1812
  • immigration

For additional tips and information about book searching see the Book Searching tab in this guide. 


For additional book titles not owned by NSU Libraries search the WorldCat databases. The WorldCat databases will locate items (books, dvds, and articles) from other libraries as well as items owned by the NSU Libraries.



Tip: When searching for information on topics in the database, EBSCOhost eBook Collection, use keywords or phrases. Be sure to enclose phrases inside quotation marks if you wish to keep the two terms together. The letters are not case sensitive.

  • indian removal act
  • trail of tears
  • ​american democracy
  • alamo and texas 
  • columbus and america
  • american revolution
  • ​civil war and history
  • federalists
  • federalist papers
  • Bill of Rights
  • Shays" Rebellion
  • Monroe Doctrine 
  • antislavery movement

Topical Search Terms

Using the "Subject" search option in the Library Discovery system, consider the following:

  • America discovery and exploration Spanish
  • America early accounts to 1600
  • America history to 1810
  • Europe colonies America
  • Unites States Emigration and Immigration History
  • Immigrants - North America - History - 18th century
  • Irish Americans
  • Irish - United States
  • Law United States History
  • United States History Sources
  • Unites States Social Life and customs to 1775
  • Medicine United States
  • Epidemics History
  • Diseases History
  • Medical care United States history
  • Medicine United States history
  • Presidents Medical care history
  • United States history pictorial works
  • Arts American history
  • Art and society United States history
  • Photography United States history 19th century
  • Education United States history
  • Technical education United States history
  • Universities and colleges United States History
  • American literature Colonial period
  • American literature Revolutionary period (United States)
  • Theater North America History

Reference Books (JVL)

The following titles can be found at the John Vaughan Library in the Reference Collection. This collection is "library use only."