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Native American History - 3723: Oklahoma History Websites

Native Americans and Railroads

Below are some search terms to use to locate information for library records focusing on railways, railroads, and Native Americans. 

Search Terms:

  • Indians of North America AND railways
  • Indians of North America AND railroads
  • Indians of North America AND railroads Indian Territory
  • Railroads Oklahoma Tahlequah
  • Indians of North America Land Tenure
  • Railroads right of way Indian Territory
  • Oklahoma Indian Territory AND railroads right of way
  • Railroads history AND Oklahoma
  • Ozark and Cherokee Central Railroad
  • Railroads West (U.S.) History
  • Pacific railroads AND Indian Territory

Below are some links to websites and library records.

Evaluating Websites

Please see information guide provided by UMass Amherst Libraries about College Writing and Evaluating Websites, Evaluating Resources on the Web, and Evaluating Videos. See link below.

Oklahoma History

The following websites offer information about Oklahoma History.


This video, Oklahoma Indians: We Are Who We Were, has auto-generated close captioning and is not accessible on any device requiring screen reader capabilities. Copy and paste this URL into a browser window to access this video.