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MGMT 4213 Business Strategy and Policy: Assignments

Digital Camera Assignment

Market Share Information

Several databases can be used to find market share information. Below are two examples:

Suggested search in ABI/Inform:
Type "market share" in one search box
Type "digital cameras" in another search box
Change the drop-down menu choice to the right of each box to read "Document text"
Run the search.

Suggested search in Business Source Elite:
Select the "Advanced Search" option
Type "market share" in one search box
Type "digital cameras" in another search box
Run the search
To retrieve the most recent articles at the top of the list, change the "Relevance Sort" option in the upper right portion of the screen to "Date Descending"
As of the date this web page was created, the top article includes the market shares of the top ranked digital camera companies in terms of shipping .

Company Information

Detailed company information can be found on the following databases:


Industry Information

Information about the consumer electronics industry, which includes cameras, can also be found by using ABI/Inform and Business Source Elite. In addition, this information can be found by using Standard & Poor's NetAdvantage database:

For example, to search for information in NetAdvantage on the retail consumer electronics industry select "Industries"
Select "Industry Surveys" on the upper left of the screen
Scroll down to "Retailing: Specialty"
Each of the quarterly reports include a summary on the consumer electronics industry


External Environment Assignment

Online Papers on Workforce Challenges and Issues in the Global Marketplace

Career Guides

Online/Print Statistics and Information Resources

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