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ELED 4323 Language Arts in the Elementary School: Books

Books JVL

Call Number Ranges for Browsing the Shelves

The NSU Libraries use the Library of Congress (LC) Classification System for the Main Collection. This organizational system uses a combination of letters and numbers to shelf items according to the same subject.

See the examples in the boxes above and click on the link below to learn more.

Search the Discovery Catalog


Searching for Books at NSU

How do I search for books, movies, and more at the NSU Libraries?

Use the search box above to search the NSU Libraries Discovery System.

Some of the subject headings used in the catalog:

  • language arts
  • English
  • writing and improv* (truncate using * to bring up all forms of the word) 
  • reading
  • speaking
  • listening
  • spelling
  • handwrit* and practice (combine the terms using and)
  • literacy
  • rubrics
  • poetry or verse (use or to bring in all documents whether they use the word poetry or verse) 
  • elementary
  • middle school
  • junior high
  • high school
  • secondary
  • students not college (use not to exclude articles regarding college students)

Searching for Books Elsewhere

How do I locate information not available at NSU?

InterLibrary Loan is available free of charge in which books and copies of articles can be borrowed from other libraries.  Allow approximately two weeks for interlibrary loan requests to be received.

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