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Public History 4023/AMST 5413-Civil War: Civil War Indian Territory

Library Books

Most of the sample book items in this listing are located at the John Vaughan Library, Special Collections.

Search Terms

Below are search terms used to pull library items using the Discovery system or database searching about the Civil War in Indian Territory, biographies, maps, the Battle of Honey Springs and more.

  • Cherokee Indians History Civil War, 1861-1865
  • Historic Sites Oklahoma Maps
  • Military camps Oklahoma history maps
  • Oklahoma history Civil War 1861-1865 maps
  • Indians of North America - History - Civil War 1861-1865
  • Indian Territory History Civil War 1861-1865 ‚Äč
  • Oklahoma History Civil War 1861-1865
  • Oklahoma History Military 19th Century
  • Military participation Indian AND civil war
  • United States history civil war 1861-1865 participation indian
  • Honey Springs National Battlefield Park
  • Honey Springs Battle of 1863
  • Honey Springs Oklahoma History
  • Oklahoma Honey Springs
  • Ross John Cherokee Chief
  • Ross, John, 1790-1866
  • Watie, Stand, 1806-1871
  • Watie Stand


Videos (NSU Historians)

Videos by featured historians, Dr. Brad Agnew, Dr. Carl Farinelli, Beth Herrington, and Dr. Gary E. Moulton. For more about each of these historians, see link below.

Four videos about Principal Chief John Ross. 

Three videos by featured historians about the time frame of 1856-1875 and the affects of the Civil War. 

Oral History, Vertical Files, Microform

eBooks NSU

Battle of Honey Springs titles or vertical files

The following titles offer information about the Battle of Honey Springs.