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Libraries Overview

NSU has physical library facilities at its Tahlequah and Broken Arrow campuses. Services include

  • coordinated acquisitions
  • cataloging
  • reference
  • circulation
  • instruction
  • interlibrary loan.

The libraries also provide access to online resources and services that are available to all students and faculty from the library homepage. Online services currently include Internet access to over 100 databases, email and chat based reference, and online library instruction.

The databases contain a wide variety of resources including

  • electronic books
  • electronic versions of reference books in the areas of
    • medical
    • literary
    • general
    • business
  • full text journals
  • journal indices
  • online maps
  • test information
  • design images
  • business information.

The electronic book collection contains over 71,000 titles. The library provides access to a collection of over 34,000 Internet based journal titles.

The John Vaughan Library at the Tahlequah campus is a three-story, 120,000 square foot facility. It contains over 1.2 million physical items including approximately 470,000 books and bound periodicals; 111,000 Government Documents; 3,400 cartographic items; 32,000 audio-visual materials; 763,000 microforms; and 11,000 print subscriptions. The library houses a special collection of Native American heritage materials and an archival collection of local, county, and university records and historical photographs.

On the Broken Arrow campus the library is two stories and 17,000 square feet. This library offers NSU students an environment that is conducive to individual or group study and research. The library houses a growing collection of print and electronic information resources as well as access to all library materials physically housed in Tahlequah. In addition to individualized reference services, librarians provide library instruction classes in the library’s computer labs.

Library services are provided to the Muskogee/Connors campus library through electronic access to materials on the other two campuses.