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Library Committees

Library Leadership Team

Chair: Dr. Michael Jones

Members: Brenda Bradford, Dr. Pamela Louderback, Dalton Martin, Brandon Oberg, Brent Swearingen, Darren Tobey, Web Committee Chair (ex officio)


  • In consultation with the Executive Director of Libraries: 
    • Discusses and approves policies and policy revisions
    • Discusses and approves special project proposals
    • Provides departmental progress and operations reports
    • Plans projects and appoints special project teams
    • Discusses special budget expenditures and planning as determined by Executive Director
    • Reviews and approves all suggested library events and programming
    • Provides feedback from departmental faculty and staff
    • Provides information on LLT decisions to departmental faculty and staff
    • Minutes maintained by NSU Libraries’ Administrative Assistant

Communications and Programming Committee

Chair: Amanda Estes

Members: Sarah Burkhead Whittle, Catherine Davenport, Donna Graham, Sarah Grimes, Dalton Martin


  • Elect a chair to serve for a 2-year term
  • Explore, design, and implement (with Exec. Director’s approval) ways to market and promote NSU Libraries, services, and resources
  • Monitor the library’s physical environment and make suggestions for improvement
  • Develop and implement (with Exec. Director’s approval) a public relations plan for NSU Libraries
  • Maintain NSU Libraries’ social media presence
  • Assist in the development of special events (approved by Library Leadership Team) and market all library programming for the NSU community
  • Maintain meeting minutes

Digital Collections Committee

Chair: Brent Swearingen

Members: Dr. Michael Jones, Dr. Pamela Louderback, Blain McLain, Darren Tobey


  • Establish a single repository to house digital materials collected by the Library and University
  • Maintain and update the repository on a continuous basis
  • Establish and continuously update policies for the repository, pending approval by the Library Leadership Team  
  • Market and promote the repository to the NSU community
  • Encourage NSU faculty to add their publications and Open Educational Resources
  • Maintain meeting minutes

Disaster Planning/Emergency Recovery Committee

Chair: Brandon Oberg

Members: Brenda Bradford, Donna Graham, Dr. Pamela Louderback, Blain McLain


  • Elect a committee chair to serve for a 2-year term
  • Update the libraries’ disaster preparedness plan
  • Collaborate with the Campus Safety Office in developing and maintaining the plan
  • Plan and arrange for new round of CPR certification for participating faculty/staff members
  • Monitor and report any safety hazards in the libraries with regard to building integrity, stairways and means of egress, arrangement of furnishings, tripping hazards, etc.
  • Maintain meeting minutes

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

Co-Chairs: Maria Souliotis

Members: Catherine Davenport, Donna Graham, Jenifer Rogers


  • Elect a committee chair to serve for a 2-year term
  • Collaborate to advance a more inclusive and equitable library environment
  • Initiate events, projects, and initiatives that advance DEI
  • Improve accountability and effectiveness through DEI-related planning and assessment
  • Form collaborative partnerships with other DEI-related organization across the university and community
  • Maintain meeting minutes

Earth Day Committee

Chair: SophiaBeverley Threatt

Members: Elizabeth Hamilton, Dalana Leach, Dr. Pamela Louderback, Maria Souliotis


  • Elect a committee chair to serve for a 2-year term
  • Plan NSU Libraries Earth Day participation in conjunction with all campuses
  • Maintain meeting minutes

Information Literacy Assessment Committee

Chair: Vacant

Members: Brandon Oberg, Sarah Burkhead Whittle, First Year and Assessment Librarian (ex officio) 


  • Create, evaluate, and revise (as needed) IL assessment plans for University Strategies and select upper division courses. Collect, analyze, and report assessment data on student learning outcomes in IL sessions.
  • Collaborate with Library Faculty to modify instruction for improvement in SLO achievement when needed. 
  • Provide assessment data to Executive Director and Department Head of RIS. 

Student Engagement Committee

Chair: Catherine Davenport

Members: Catherine Courteau, Amanda Estes, Michelle Green, Dr. Pamela Louderback, Dalton Martin, Jenifer Rogers, Maria Souliotis

Mission: To create and provide intentional student engagement activities and a welcoming library environment


  • Elect a committee chair every 2 years
  • Create programs focused on authentically engaging students in the library
  • Obtain LLT and/or University approval for programs as needed
  • Increase the libraries’ presence on all three campuses
  • Create collaborative partnerships with organizations outside of the library
  • Track statistics of programs
  • Use evidence-based assessment to evaluate program effectiveness
  • Gather student data and feedback to build and improve programs
  • Maintain meeting minutes

Web Committee

Chair: Brandon Martin

Members: Cathy Courteau, Catherine Davenport, Michelle Green, Dalton Martin, Tom Rink, Darren Tobey


  • Maintain the content of the website
    • Audit and review pages on a regular basis to determine what improvements should be made
    • Keep informed about website design and accessibility standards and new capabilities of platforms including LibGuides CMS, LibCal, and IvyBot
    • Inform page maintainers of changes and improvements
  • Act as a resource for page maintainers wishing to modify or update content
  • Promote a sense of responsibility for the website to all library faculty and staff who are page maintainers
  • Provide periodic progress reports to the Executive Director and Library Leadership Team
  • Request support as needed from the Executive Director and Department Heads

WMS Committee

Chair: Darren Tobey

Member: Dr. Pamela Louderback, Brandon Martin, Dalton Martin, Brandon Oberg, Brent Swearingen


  • Review and maintain configurations, developments, interfaces, and processes related to WMS functioning
  • Make recommendations to the Library Leadership Team
  • Maintain relationships with and make recommendations to OCLC
  • Maintain meeting minutes

All committees have the additional charge of providing regular reports on committee findings, recommendations, and progress to Library Leadership.