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Library Committees


Library Leadership Team
Chair: Dr. Michael Jones
Members: Brenda Bradford, Dr. Pamela Louderback, Brandon Oberg, Aaron Pope, Brent Swearingen, Darren Tobey.


Assessment Committee
Chair: Sarah Diaz
Members: Brandon Oberg, Sarah Burkhead Whittle.


Communications and Programming Committee
Members: Catherine Davenport, Sarah Diaz, Amanda Estes, Donna Graham, Sarah Grimes-Trout, Aaron Pope, Sarah Burkhead Whittle.

  • Looks for ways to market the John Vaughan Library and on occasion make recommendations for promoting all Libraries
  • Monitors the library's physical environment and makes suggestions for improvement
  • Develops a public relations plan for JVL
  • Maintains NSU Libraries' social media presence.
  • Plans and produces staff celebrations such as birthdays, anniversaries, pot luck, holiday observances.
  • Assists Library Administrative Office staff with other events such as welcomes, retirements, etc.

Digital Collections Committee
Chair: Karl Siewert
Members: Darren Tobey, Dr. Michael Jones, Dr. Pamela Louderback, Dalton Martin, Blain McClain, Brent Swearingen.


Disaster Planning/Emergency Recovery Committee
Members: Brenda Bradford, Donna Graham, Blain McLain, Brandon Oberg, Dalton Sims.

  • Create and update the library’s disaster preparedness plan.
  • Communicate with Campus Safety office in developing and maintaining the plan.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee
Members: Catherine Davenport, Donna Graham, Michelle Green, Jenifer Rogers, Karl Siewert.


Earth Day Committee
Members: Elizabeth Hamilton, Dalana Leach, Dr. Pamela Louderback, Maria Souliotis, SophiaBeverley Threatt.  

  • Plans NSU Libraries Earth Day participation and observances on all campuses.
  • Proposes ways to make NSU Libraries more environmentally-friendly.

Web Committee
Chair: Karl Siewert
Members: Catherine Davenport, Nancy Edscorn, Michelle Green, ,Brandon Martin, Dalton Martin, Tom Rink, Darren Tobey.

  • Decides what content is needed for libraries’ web pages
  • Organizes libraries’ web pages
  • Maintains libraries’ web pages

WMS Committee
Chair: Darren Tobey
Member: Dr. Pamela Louderback, Brandon Martin, Brandon Oberg, Aaron Pope, Brent Swearingen.

  • To review configurations, developments, interfaces, and processes related to WMS functioning
  • To make recommendations internally to the Library Leadership Team and externally to OCLC

All committees have the additional charge of providing regular reports on committee findings, recommendations, and progress to Library Leadership.