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Library Reserves

Reserves Overview

NSU Libraries Reserves hold print items, audiovisual items, and models selected by faculty to supplement their courses. Reserves also provides equipment and electronic devices to assist with studies inside and outside the library.

Locations and Hours

Reserves at John Vaughan Library on the Tahlequah campus are located on the first floor at the north circulation desk. Reserves at the NSU Broken Arrow Library are on the second floor at the circulation desk. Reserves are open during regular library hours. All reserve items must be returned to the circulation desk 15 minutes before closing.

Reserves Lending Policies

The majority of reserve items may only be used in the library. Reserves items designated for in-library use must be checked out prior to use. Lending periods for these items range from 1 hour to 3 hours. 

Lending periods for items designated for use outside the library range from 1 day to 14 days. These items include laptops, portable charging stations, and citation manuals.

Lending periods and use location for anatomical models, technology equipment, and permanent reserve items are set by NSU libraries. Instructors set lending periods and use locations for course reserves items.

Circulation staff will inform the patron of each item's lending period at the time of checkout. Reserve items may be renewed provided there is not a hold for another patron.

Contact Reserves


(Tahlequah and Broken Arrow) -


(Tahlequah) - 918-444-3207

(Broken Arrow) - 918-449-6457

Reserves Collections

Anatomy and Optometry Reserves

Anatomical models, microscopes, and slides for use by students in biology, human anatomy, and optometry courses. Models may only be used inside the first floor of the Tahlequah library at tables visible from the Reserves desk. All anatomical models have a 2 hour loan period.

Course Reserves

Course reserve items are placed on reserve by faculty for instructional use in their courses. Reserve materials may include articles, books, magazines, class notes, and DVDs.

All course reserve items are searchable through the course reserves webpage below. Patrons may browse the course list or search for reserve items by either the course number (e.g., HIST 2723), or the professor's last name (e.g., Vovchenko).

Search Course Reserves

Requesting Course Reserves

Instructors may request items Items be added to course reserves. Course reserves items may remain on reserve for a semester, and instructors may request reserves for each of their courses. Instructors wishing to place items on reserve must fill out the Reserves Request Form. Completed forms should be sent to or

NSU Libraries may place the following physical items in Course Reserves:

  • Books
  • Scanned book chapters in compliance with NSU Libraries' Fair Use and Copyright Policies
  • Audiovisual items
  • Print Journal Articles
  • Tests
  • Transcribed or recorded lectures
  • Original compositions by faculty or students
  • Course syllabi

For reserve request forms and additional requirements for course reserve items, see the Course Reserves FAQ page.

Permanent Reserves

Items with high usage and demand are placed on permanent reserve. Such items include:

  • Course readings and citation manuals for general education courses such as University Strategies
  • Solutions manuals for select science courses
  • Study guides for the GED, MCAT, and GRE exams,
  • Study material for professional certification exams such as OSAT and CPA
  • Citation and formatting guides for popular academic writing standards such as MLA, APA, and Chicago.

See links below for a list of permanent reserve materials at each campus library.

Technology and Equipment Reserves

Technology and Equipment Reserves encompass electronic devices and supplies for supporting study. Equipment reserves items such as dry erase marker sets and headphones are in-library use only, while other items such as portable charging stations, scientific calculators, and laptops may be used outside the library. Equipment holdings and circulation permissions vary by library branch and patron type. See the table below for an overview of popular reserves equipment.

Device Library Branch Lending Period Lending Info
Laptops Tahlequah Only 14 days NSU Undergraduate and Graduate students only.
Portable Charging Stations Tahlequah Only 7 days + 1 renewal  
USB CD/DVD Drives Tahlequah/Broken Arrow 3 hours In-library use only
USB Flash Drives Tahlequah Only  7 days  
Scientific Calculators Tahlequah/Broken Arrow 2 hours  
Headphones with 3.5mm jack Tahlequah/Broken Arrow 2 hours In-library use only
Dry Erase Markers and Erasers Tahlequah/Broken Arrow 2 hours In-library use only

Laptop Reserves

Undergraduate and graduate students may check out laptops from the Tahlequah Reserves desk at John Vaughan Library. Laptops come with a wall charger, carrying case, and a mouse upon request.

To check out laptops, patrons must sign a laptop lending agreement each semester. Laptops may be checked out only to students, with a lending period of one week and and maximum of one renewal. To enquire about laptop availability or request a renewal, contact the Tahlequah Reserves desk at John Vaughn Library (918-444-3207) or at