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Research and Instruction Services Mission

The mission statement for the RIS Department

Librarian assisting patron

The mission of the Research and Instruction Department is to support the library’s mission by developing the library’s ​collections; providing liaison services to the faculty; and instructing and assisting patrons in the location, use, and evaluation of information sources.  The Research and Instruction Department emphasizes teaching in providing these services in a professional, unbiased manner. 

To accomplish this mission, the Research and Instruction Department is responsible for:

•    Developing the library’s collections by defining and creating a collection of materials for the library in support of the instructional, research, social, and service goals of the university and community.  
•    Providing liaison services to the faculty by forming a partnership with the faculty in providing research assistance, interpreting library policies, and interacting with library departments. 
•    Teaching and assisting patrons in locating resources by determining patron needs, identifying appropriate resources, forming effective search strategies, and interpreting resources. 
•    Teaching information literacy skills by providing sequenced instruction in all formats for classes with an emphasis on providing specific instruction for students in their majors.  

Adopted 2008, revised 2009, edited 2014