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Resource Coordination Overview

Each academic discipline is assigned a subject librarian or resource coordinator who is responsible for acting as a liaison between the academic department and the library. The resource coordinator for a department can assist with the following services:Two Librarians Analyzing a Book in the Library Stacks

Identify and contact service points within the library: If there are any questions about the library or its services, the resource coordinator for the department is there to help. 

Purchase materials: (examples:  audio visuals, electronic resources, books, periodicals, maps, microforms, etc.) The resource coordinator will assist with purchasing materials for faculty and students to use in the library.  Orders can be requested by contacting the resource coordinator by phone, email, or by submitting a yellow order card.  The resource coordinator can also check on the status of a existing orders. After the item is cataloged and available, the order cards will be returned to the faculty member who requested the item.

Library instruction: Contact the resource coordinator to inquire about scheduling a library instruction class.  Please identify the class, the assignment, the number of students in the class, and the desired date and time for the class.  It is helpful if the resource coordinator is contacted several days in advance to provide time to adequately prepare for the class.  The classes are usually taught in one of the library's electronic classrooms, however, classes can be taught through Blackboard, electronically or in the teacher's classroom.

Research assistance: The resource coordinator is also available to provide faculty assistance with their research.  He/she can search databases, find relevant Web sites, or provide factual information or data.

Program review or accreditation assistance: The resource coordinator is available to assist with the report as well as meet with site visit teams.