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Google Scholar Advanced Search Tips

Use Google Scholar To Find Peer-Reviewed Articles

  • The following example returns articles on the subject of optometry written by people named Penisten:

penisten optometry

  • Enter the name in quotes if running a search on a topic that includes an author's last name and their initial(s):

"d penisten" optometry

  • Below is an example of formatting a search on an author's last name and initials, while not focusing on a particular topic:

"d penisten"

  • Another method that can be used to search for articles written by a particular author is to type author: followed by the author's last name. For example:

author:penisten optometry

  • Below are examples of two different approaches for running the same search when using an author's initials or full name (exclude the word optometry if wanting to search only for the author):

author:"d penisten" optometry
author:"douglas penisten" optometry

Searching Articles On A Topic That Is Also A Personal Name

  • Let's say that you want to search for articles on the topic of wood, but you do not want to clutter the results with articles written by someone named Wood. The following example accomplishes this goal:

wood -author:wood

  • To search for articles on the topics of wood or woods, while ignoring articles written by someone named Wood or Woods, try entering the terms as a string in the search box:

wood woods -author:wood -author:woods

Searching For Words That Appear In The Title Of An Article

  • To search for specific words in the titles of articles, use the intitle command. The following examples illustrates searching for articles having to do with peppermint and peppermint oil:

intitle:"peppermint oil"

  • To search for articles having to do with peppermint and candy, but not necessarily the exact phrase peppermint candy, try the below example:

intitle:peppermint candy