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Printing Services


NSU Libraries offers various printing and scanning services. Below is a table listing services offered, service prices, and the campus where each service is available.

Scanning Campus Price
Flatbed Scanners All Free
Multipurpose Copier Broken Arrow


Printing and Copying Campus Price
Black and White Prints and Copies [NSU Students, Staff, and Faculty] All 100 free pages per semester, then $0.05 per page
Black and White Prints and Copies [Non-NSU] Broken Arrow $0.10 per page
Black and White Prints and Copies [Non-NSU] Tahlequah 10 free pages, then $0.05 per page
Color Printing Tahlequah $0.25 per page - 50 page limit per job
Poster Printing Tahlequah $5.00 per poster
Lamination Tahlequah $0.50 per foot
Colored Butcher Paper Tahlequah

$0.50 per foot

For additional details on each service, see below.

Document Scanning and Copying

Document Scanners

Flatbed document scanners are available at the Tahlequah and Broken Arrow Libraries. Document scanners are free to use for all patrons.

Multipurpose Copier

Patrons at the Broken Arrow Library may request scans or printed copies from the library's Canon multipurpose copier. Copies are $0.10 a page.

Black and White Printing

Library patrons may make 8.5 x 11in black and white prints at any library computer. Patrons at John Vaughan Library may also request color prints at the North circulation desk. For printing in color, see "Color Printing" below.

NSU faculty, staff, and students are assigned accounts for in-library printing.

  • Printing accounts receive a balance of 100 free pages at the start of each semester. 
  • If a patron prints beyond the 100 pages, they may purchase additional pages for $0.05 per page.
  • To request additional pages, contact the library circulation desk.

Patrons who are not NSU faculty, staff, or students may print on demand from the library guest computers. 

  • To print, Non-NSU patrons must tell employees at the North Circulation desk the number of pages they wish to print. 
  • Non-NSU patrons will be charged $0.10 per page.

Color Printing

Library patrons may request 8.5 x 11in color prints at the North Circulation desk. To request color prints, speak with library employees at the circulation desk. 

  • Print files must be sent as an email attachment to
  • Color printing requests must be made in-person.
  • Color prints are $0.25 per page.
  • Limit of 50 pages (single-sided) per print job.

Poster Printing 

John Vaughan Library on the Tahlequah campus provides poster printing services for NSU faculty, staff, and students. Poster requests may be submitted online through the Poster Printing Request Form: 

Poster Request Guidelines

  • Posters cost $5.00 per poster.
  • Posters exceeding 50 inches in length will incur higher charges.
  • Requested posters must be submitted as PowerPoint or PDF files. 
    • PowerPoint files will be printed at the dimensions specified in the file.
    • Printing dimensions for PDFs must be specified in the file or on the printing request form.
  • The poster printer at John Vaughan library has a maximum width of 42 inches. It is recommended requested posters be 42 inches on one side.
  • John Vaughan Library Access Services will not trim printed posters
  • For ease of trimming, posters with large margins will be printed with the margins on one side. Centered margins must be requested in the request form.

Poster Payments

  • NSU faculty and staff may pay for posters using cash, checks, or interdepartmental transfer. Checks must be addressed to "NSU Library."
  • All other patrons may pay with cash.

Other Services


John Vaughan Library laminates documents up to 24" in width. Lamination costs $0.50 per foot. 

Butcher Paper

John Vaughan library sells 36" wide lengths of colored butcher paper at $0.50 per foot.