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MGMT 3253 Organizational Behavior: Find Articles

Scholarly / Peer-Reviewed vs. Popular/Trade

While Wikipedia can sometimes be a good starting point, it is not considered "scholarly."  If you are you having trouble distinguishing between the peer-reviewed/scholarly journals from the trade publication or popular magazines, Below is a link to a document that will help explain the differences.  


It is also important to be able to distinguish between review articles and research articles. A review article’s primary purpose is not to present new research, but to summarize, analyze, discuss, and provide an overview of previously published work on a topic. A research article is designed to present new research, methods, and/or findings. Research articles often employ the IMRAD (Introduction, Methods, Research, and Discussion) format. Below are a few articles of interest on this topic.

Finding Full-Text Articles

Here is a tutorial on how to find full-text articles.

Finding a Cited Article in Full-Text

If a particular database does not provide access to a needed full-text article, try finding the article in full-text in a different library database by using either the library's online catalog (select the "Everything" tab and enter the title of the journal), or by navigating to "E-Journals by Title" (available from the "Research" drop-down menu on the Library Home Page).

For any article that is not found in either the Library Databases or the Library's print collection, you can use our Interlibrary Loan service:

Professional Journals

Below are selected professional management journals that are indexed in NSU Library Databases. Click the links to check the holdings. (Some years of coverage are available in print or on microfilm on the second floor of the Tahlequah campus library.)

Useful Databases for Organizational Behavior

Below are some selected databases that index professional/peer-reviewed journal articles on dealing with organizational behavior and management topics.  Many of the articles indexed by these databases are available in full-text.  To retrieve only professional-level journal articles, check the "scholarly or peer-reviewed" box on the appropriate databases search screen.