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Collections - Periodicals

Periodical graphic.About periodicals in the library:

The periodicals collection consists of magazines, journals, and newspapers that are published at regular intervals. Newsweek and Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry are examples.

Current issues of popular magazines and newspapers are located on the first floor in the browsing area. These are arranged alphabetically by title. Older issues of periodicals are located on the second floor. Bound and loose issues are arranged by call number on the shelves, while microforms are arranged by call number in file cabinets. Newspapers on microfilm are filed in cabinets alphabetically and chronologically.

Finding periodicals and articles

Titles are indexed in the online catalog. Each has a holdings screen which provides a summary statement of the volumes owned for that particular title. Articles within periodicals can be found by using the various specialized indexes. Seach the Electronic/Internet sources found on the Databases by Subject page.

Periodicals in Broken Arrow

In the Broken Arrow library, current issues of periodicals are displayed on the first floor. Back issues are housed in the stacks on the second floor, and are typically bound into single volumes by year.

Online Journals and Newspapers

There are many journals and newspapers which appear electronically on the Internet. To locate these online materials use eJournals by Title or News and Newspapers Online below.