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Resource Coordination Overview

Academic departments are assigned resource coordinators (subject area librarians) who are responsible for acting as a liaison between the academic department and NSU Libraries. Resource coordinators provide the following services:

  • Identifying and contacting service points within the library: If there are any questions about the library or its services, the resource coordinator for the department is there to help. 
  • Purchasing library materials: Examples include books, electronic resources, periodicals, maps, audio-visual materials, etc. Materials can be requested by contacting the appropriate resource coordinator for your academic department.  The resource coordinator can also check on the status of existing orders. 
  • Library instruction: Contact the resource coordinator for your department to inquire about scheduling a library instruction class.  
  • Research assistance: The resource coordinator is also available to provide faculty assistance with their research.  They can search databases, find relevant websites, or provide factual information or data.
  • Program review or accreditation assistance: The resource coordinator is available to assist with the report as well as meet with site visit teams.