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NSU Libraries - Mission, Vision, and Values

NSU Libraries Mission Statement:

NSU Libraries provide the foundation for student success in our culturally diverse community by providing equitable, sustainable access to collections, services, and spaces while fostering an innovative learning environment for the development of the critical thinking skills required of the modern engaged global citizen.

NSU Libraries Vision Statement:

NSU Libraries is a vital component of academic life that promotes student success and lifelong learning by serving as the intellectual hub for research, equitable learning experiences, and creativity. Library resources and services support scholarship and research, and foster their vitality through outreach and advocacy. NSU Libraries develop, value, and utilize the talents of all Library employees as they seek to empower learners and promote scholarly achievement. 

NSU Libraries Values:

  • Service: NSU Libraries strives to provide quality customer service to traditional and nontraditional students, NSU faculty and staff, and community members by connecting them to library materials, spaces, and instructional services.
  • Community: NSU Libraries build community between campus and community stakeholders through focused outreach and engaging activities that foster collaboration.
  • Diversity: NSU Libraries champion diversity by prioritizing the visibility of local indigenous histories and identities, accessibility for all, and by providing support for various learning styles and abilities.
  • Intellectual Freedom: NSU Libraries advocates for intellectual freedom in all forms, supports current and historical perspectives, and resists attempts at censoring items that are subject to partisan or doctrinal disapproval. The NSU Libraries uphold the ALA Library Bill of Rights as a foundation for its views on intellectual freedom.
  • Privacy: NSU Libraries upholds and protects user privacy by implementing policies and procedures that limit the collection of user data and retain only data necessary to the functioning of library services.
  • Equity: NSU Libraries ensure equitable access to materials, spaces and instructional services for all users.
  • Learning: NSU Libraries promote learning in a variety of forms, including but not limited to scholarly research, discovery of resources, vocational assistance and development, and personal and group enrichment. To that end, the libraries offer regular programs and services on information literacy, scholarly topics, and collaborative work and study.