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NSU Libraries - Mission, Vision, and Values

NSU Libraries Mission Statement:

Northeastern State University Libraries support the University's mission, vision, values, and strategic goals by anticipating library information, technology, and service needs through continuous assessment; by providing timely access to needed resources; by responding to changing user needs; and by promoting effective selection and use of information by NSU's diverse communities in support of research, innovation, and learning. The University Libraries strive for excellence in service, instruction, and resource selection and curation. We seek new and better ways of providing supportive learning spaces for students to achieve academic and personal success.

NSU Libraries Vision Statement:

The Northeastern State University Libraries are the intellectual crossroads for the NSU community. We promote student success and lifelong learning by acquiring, organizing and making scholarly and cultural resources accessible. We create inspiring spaces for study, collaboration, and discovery. We engage the communities we serve through our diverse collections, services, and staff.

NSU Libraries Values:

  • Holistic Service: We value library service that extends beyond provision of sources to include comprehensive support for learning and writing that includes spaces conducive to study; technology that is useful for writing and research; guidance in discovering, selecting, and using sources; and access to services that aid in teaching and learning.
  • Welcoming and Supportive Experience: We enhance the experience of our library patrons through the provision of spaces that are pleasing, comfortable, and inspiring; and through a welcoming, positive ethos among library staff.
  • Cultural and Intellectual Preservation: We value the preservation of culture and ideas through the conservation of artifacts and the preservation of selected content for future use.
  • Teaching and Learning: We value and promote the teaching and learning that takes place among the University's diverse communities.
  • Creativity and Innovation: We value and promote the creative and innovative exploration of our library patrons and the NSU communities.
  • Research: We value and promote the scholarly investigations conducted by NSU faculty and students.
  • Freedom of and Access to Information: We value the sharing of, and equal access to content. We encourage the free flow of diverse information and ideas without censorship.
  • Precision and Reliability: We value reliability and precision in information storage and retrieval.
  • Continuous Improvement: We value the continuous improvement and adaptation of library resources and services in order to better serve our patrons.
  • Safety: We value the safety of patrons and staff in our libraries.
  • Privacy: We value the privacy of our patrons in their pursuit of intellectual content and their production of new content within the constraints of acceptable use.
  • Integrity: We model integrity through ethical and intellectual behaviors and practices by advancing honesty, human dignity, and accountability.