Binding Master's Theses

1. Student will make 4 or more copies of the thesis on high rag content paper and deliver to the first and second readers for signatures. Four or more copies are required when delivering to the Library for buckram binding. See Graduate College guidelines:

2. The readers will give the signed theses to the advisor, and they will be sent to the Graduate College for the Graduate Dean's signature. We will have original signatures on all copies.

3. The Graduate College will send one unbound copy to the University Archives.

4. The student will deliver 4 or more copies to Library Technical Services, Room L106, along with a check for binding costs. They will also deliver the "Thesis/Capstone Transmittal to John Vaughan Library" form and an electronic copy of their thesis (if permission is being granted) on CD or Thumb drive.

5. The student must leave a check made to: HF Group, Include current: Name, Address, Phone and license number.

For pricing information, contact Elizabeth Hamilton at 918-444-3286.

6. Elizabeth Hamilton will send 4 or more copies to the bindery and receive them 4 to 6 weeks later.

7. When the bound copies arrive, the library will catalog one copy for JVL third floor and one copy for the Broken Arrow library.

8. The Student may pick up their copy(ies) from Elizabeth Hamilton or if you want your copy(ies) sent to you, leave an additional check written to Ellizabeth Hamilton for $10.00. For multiple copies, price is increased.

9. The signatures on the signature page should constitute requests from faculty and the Graduate Dean for binding the theses.

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