System Services - Charter


Providing Technical Support for Library Faculty, Staff, and Patrons

1) Be available to library faculty, staff, and students for technology assistance.

2) Coordinate computer repairs with ITS.

3) Install software as needed on library computers.

4) Maintain a current computer inventory.

5) Develop and maintain specialized applications.

6) Coordinate rotation and surplus of library computer equipment.

7) Monitor and Administer library web, print, and application servers.

8) Maintain applications on library application servers i.e. PMP, EZproxy, library web, Millenium, and Illiad.

9) Contribute to critical knowledge databases.

10) Evaluate specifications and coordinate the purchase of new computer equipment.

11) Assist in the deployment of all new computer equipment in library.

12) Assist in the development and maintenance of library website.

13) Supervise Systems Services student workers.

13) Monitor and maintain common area and computer labs as required.

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