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Reserve Fair Use Checklist

For duplication of copyrighted items to be placed in the NSU Library's Reserve or digital copies for electronic reserves.

Title of Reserve item:_____________________________________________
of copies:_______________
Yes No N/A Reserve Material Fair Use Checklist
      The copied material has been on Reserve during a previous semester.
      The copied material represents more than 10% of the book or journal or more than a complete article from a journal or story, essay or chapter from a book.. (Does not include chapters from textbooks which will be purchased when they are available.)

If you answered No or N/A to both of the above checklist questions, this material will be processed for reserve.

If you answered Yes to either of the above questions, please complete the Reserve Copyright Clearance Form. If you plan to place this item on reserve for multiple semesters or use it for reserve in the future, copyright clearance is required.

The above information is accurate to the best of my knowledge.
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