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Reserve Materials


Reserve items are made available in the following formats:

Standard Course Reserves:
Materials chosen by faculty/staff and placed on reserve for instructional use in registered courses. Reserve materials may include articles, books, magazines, class notes, artifacts and videos.  See the "Course Reserves" link below.  You are able to search for reserve items by either the course number (e.g., HIST 2723), or the professor's last name (e.g., vovchenko).  Or, you can just browse/scroll through the list of courses.

Permanent Reserves:
Selected materials that are continuously on reserve. These are materials that require strict circulation rules due to high usage and demand. Permanent reserves include such materials as the University Annual Budget, sample tests such as the GED, CPA, MCAT, and the GRE, along with other study guide material.   In the "Course Reserves" search box (link below), type "permanent" and hit enter to see the holdings.

Audio-Visual Collection:
Materials within the library collections such as music CDs, educational films used for supplemental course related materials, leisure films and audio books.