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Reserve materials will be processed in the order that they are recieved. Processing time for reserve items can vary depending on the type and amount of materials. Please do not refer students to materials immediatly after submitting a request.

  • Standard course reserves
    Allow at least 3 working days for processing. Please limit the amount of copies for a single title article/printed material to 3 copies; if more are needed due to demand and class size, consider the library's E- reserve option.

  • Electronic reserves
    Allow 5 working days for processing. More time will be needed to create the PDF files and electronic links to the library database.

Note: Materials need to be requested as far in advance as possible to allow for time to process during rush periods (beginning and end of a semester). If materials are needed immediately for class, such as class syllabi, requests should be sumbitted at least a week before class begins. For materials that require adjustments to create a proper PDF, or if scanning is required, extra time will be needed for processing. Lengthy items (more than 25 pages) will be divided into two parts.

Materials will be placed on reserve at the request of the instructor. Materials are intended for non-commercial and educational use ONLY.
The University Library can place the following types of materials on Reserve:

  • Books (whole books may be placed on course reserve for in-library use or check-out, or 10% of a book may be copied and scanned for electronic use)
  • Audio/ Visual Media (CDs, DVDs)
  • Journal Articles (If available in library database such as Ebsco or Wilson, please submit a copy of the link)
  • Book Chapters (printed chapters may be placed on course reserve or scanned in PDF for E-reserve)
  • Tests
  • Lectures
  • Original Compositions by faculty or students
  • Class Syllabi
  • Links to faculty or publisher web sites

Materials can only remain on Reserve for one semester at a time. To comply with Copyright laws, reserve items must be taken off reserve between semesters. The materials that will again be used for the following semester may remain housed at the Reserve desk between semesters. If the materials will not need to be used again they will be sent back to you through campus mail.   All reserve items must be accompanied by a completed reserve request or removal form.

For copyrighted materials, the copyright warning notice will appear on the first page of either the printed page or the PDF file that is placed on reserve.

All Electronic PDFs will be password protected. Please inform the students in class or on your syllabi what the password is, the files can not be accessed without it.

Reserve Request Form

Reserve Removal Form

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