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Wireless Internet Connection

    The library has wireless Internet connection on all three floors. This allows for laptops to be checked out and used anywhere in the library. Patrons can also bring in their own laptops and connect to the wireless network, by following these simple steps:

Configuring Laptops for the Wireless Network:

    1. Right click on your wireless network adapter (icon in the task bar or control panel).
    2. Click on View Available Wireless Networks.
    3. Click on Advanced or Change the order of preferred networks (SP 2).
    4. Click on advanced and select Access point (infrastructure) networks only 5. Be sure that the "Automatically connect to non-preferred networks" is not checked.
    5. Remove any networks showing under preferred networks 5. Click on the Add button.
    6. Network Name (SSID) is Private.
    7. Network Authentication is Open and Data Encryption is Disabled.
    8. Click OK to add the SSID and OK again to close the window.

The wireless network currently provides almost comprehensive connection on all three floors, and work is underway to further reduce the number of “dead spots.” Additional information on policy and procedures is available at the Reserve desk or call ext.3232.

Guest Computer Access

NSU library provides visitors and the community with access to guest computer terminals and information resources. For more information on this service or to view the guest computer policy Click here (PDF)

Laptop Computers

The library has recently made laptop computers available for students, faculty, and staff at the Tahlequah campus. This technology allows patrons to transport a computer to a preferred location of the library and makes it possible to conveniently access print and electronic resources simultaneously. Computers can be checked out and used on-site during regular library hours.

Patrons who want to begin checking out laptops need to complete a laptop agreement form, two forms of ID is required. To view the Laptop Agreement and Use Policy Click here (PDF)

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