Weeding Policy

Reference Services I. Definition:  Weeding is the active removal of materials from the main sections of the library to either storage or to be withdrawn.

II. Rationale:  Weeding is important in keeping a vibrant, relevant, effective, and accurate library collection.  It is necessary for removing outdated or misinformation from the collection.  It is also important for removing damaged materials from the collection.  It assists in preventing stacks from becoming overcrowded.  It makes the available materials more visible and accessible which could result in increased circulation of materials.

III. Responsibility for Weeding:  The final decision about materials to be weeded will rely on the professional judgment of the resource coordinator for the discipline.  All weeded titles should be taken to Technical Services to be removed from the catalog.

IV. Criteria:  (These are not listed in any specific order and are only general suggestions, not requirements.  Criteria may vary based on the discipline.)

Currency (when relevant, varies by discipline).

Physical condition of item.

Curriculum needs.

Core title (check standard lists, such as Books for College Libraries).

New title available in collection (superseded volume).

Circulation (use statistics, when available).

Multiple copies available (with low circulation).

Textbooks (generally not to be included in the collection).

Publisher (well known in field and may include professional associations).

Credibility of author, known experts in the field.

Critics' reviews of book.

Format (available in other formats).

If ten (10) copies of a title are available on OCLC or if one (1) other library in Oklahoma owns the title, then it is acceptable for the title to be weeded.

Geographic/Special interest (Oklahoma or Native American topics).

Appropriate monograph level (undergraduate, graduate, professional, non-academic).

V. Schedule for Weeding:  Weeding should be conducted continuously.  Technical Services should be notified before any large weeding projects are undertaken.

Prepared by Sarah Brick Archer.  Approved by the Reference/Resource Coordination Dept. Approved by the Library Director January 29, 2007.

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