Library Web Committee - Policies and Guidelines


Goals/objectives for the web page: promote the library; remote access to resources; teaching tool; electronic reference; organize the library's over 350 web pages; library guides; up-to-date information; direct reference questions, etc.; referrals to recommended sites; feedback from users; location for internal library information.

Mission of the Committee: To develop a current, interactive, easily navigated and well organized site which caters to new users and seasoned users to promote the NSU Libraries in an electronic environment.


  1. All web pages must be updated once a year. Every August, the Library Web Committee will review the library web pages. Any pages not updated in the previous year may be removed or ownership reassigned.
  2. New webpages that need links from main pages will be approved by the Library Web Committee at a regular or called meeting before adding to library website. In some circumstances these may be approved by an electronic vote.
  3. Updates to existing pages may be loaded by the page owner or the Library Webmaster.
  4. Page owners should email the Webmaster when they update pages, so quality control can be maintained.
  5. Policy for new page authors.
  6. 1. Edit the page and email it to the Library Webmaster
    2. After testing, access will be given to the server
  7. Petitions for page ownership changes will be approved by the Library Web Committee.


More guidelines
  • The Library obtained its own server on May 1, 2000. 
  • Linda West is the Library Webmaster.
  • The address of the Library server is:
  • Please do not use libwebserver in the url.
  • Any problems with webpages can be refered to the Library Web Committee. Please contact Linda West with any questions.
  • For access to the new server, please contact Darren Tobey. For help with updating pages, contact a member of the Library Web Committee.
  • Page owners may edit their own pages or ask for help from any Committee member.
  • Each page will contain the same header, footer, and navigation information. 
  • A template is available for revisors of pages at:
  • Approved Directory Structure
  • This new structure is meant to make updates easier and give better organization and structure to the new library website. Please ask the Webmaster about any new folders needed.
These policies and guidelines are current as of November 28, 2011. Subject to modification by the Library Web Committee.

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Last Updated: November 28, 2011