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Library Web Committee - Policies and Guidelines


Goals/objectives for the library website:

  • Promote the library
  • Provide remote access to resources
  • Serve as a teaching tool
  • Direct patrons to appropriate library personnel and internal information
  • Respond to patron inquiries in real time during operating hours with IvyBot

Mission of the Committee (Committee Charge):

  • Determine what content from the current website is needed for conversion and transition to the new LibGuides CMS site
  • Detail tasks/send inquiries to page maintainers to compile lists of content to keep and content to discard
  • Set deadlines for submission of these lists
  • Based on the results of this determination, set a reasonable deadline for completion of the entire project and launch of the new website
  • Compile final list of all content to be transferred to new website. 
  • Assign page and guide composition duties to page maintainers
  • Set deadlines for submission of these items
  • Promote a sense of responsibility for the website to all library faculty and staff who are page maintainers
  • Communicate all deadlines and target dates
  • Proceed with design, implementation, and launch of the new website based on the timeline established by this committee in consultation with the Executive Director
  • Provide periodic progress reports to the Executive Director and Library Leadership Team
  • Request support as needed from the Executive Director and Department Heads
  • Make changes, create content, etc. 
  • Without consulting page maintainers when necessary or appropriate
  • Revoking page maintenance privileges when necessary or appropriate 
  • When links or other content must be updated, this committee is empowered to refer the work to the appropriate page maintainer with a deadline for completion of the work.
  • In instances when work is not completed as assigned, this committee is empowered to assume responsibility for changes, updates, and/or deletions.
  • Maintain meeting minutes

Library Webmaster and Web Committee Chair:


All pages on the library website must be in a state of continuous improvement. When the process of migrating the website to the LibGuides CMS platform is completed, the Web Committee and page maintainers should be working to eliminate bad links, consolidate assets, ensure that content is current and relevant, and review the design of the site for accessibility and ease of use.

Communication from maintainers to the Web Committee should come through the shared e-mail address, which is monitored by multiple Committee members as well as the Webmaster.

LibGuides allows for page maintainers to modify the Guides on which they have editing privileges. Changes to those Guides will then go through a Publishing Workflow process by which members of the Web Committee will review the changes.

Publishing Workflow:

  1. Edit/create the content and "Submit For Review"
  2. Include explanatory notes in the "Message" field to guide the Reviewer
  3. Reviewers will evaluate the content, make edits as needed, and either Publish the page or return it to the maintainer for further revision.

Reviewers will be selected from the Web Committee membership to meet demand, with a goal of maintaining a 24-hour publishing turnaround time. If maintainers anticipate submitting a large number of pages in a short period of time, they are expected to contact the Webmaster beforehand. Reviewers may reach out to maintainers for further clarification or edits which could further delay the publishing timeline.

Although the LibGuides system uses the term "Owners", page maintainers are reminded that the website is the intellectual property of the University and, by extension, NSU Libraries. All content is under the control of the Executive Director in consultation with the Webmaster and the Committee.

Assignment and re-assignment of Editor and Owner roles for Guides in the system are at the discretion of the Web Committee.

Guidelines and Additional Information

The Library obtained its own webserver on May 1, 2000.

The Library began using LibGuides for course-specific information in 2012

The Library upgraded to LibGuides v2 in 2015

The Library upgraded to LibGuides CMS in 2018 and began the process of migrating from the HTML server to the CMS system.

The Chair of the Library Web Committee is appointed by the Executive Director and holds the title of Library Webmaster.

These policies and guidelines are current as of May 13, 2020 and have been approved by the Executive Director. Subject to modification by the Library Web Committee.