Advanced Google Search Tips

1. Examples of searching for non-HTML file types:

For pizza recipes in PDF:
"pizza recipes" filetype:pdf

For information on the Illinois River in Oklahoma in Microsoft Word:
"illinois river" oklahoma filetype:doc

For presentations on Russian history in Flash:
"russian history " filetype:swf

For Power Point presentations on eye disorders:
"eye disorders " filetype:ppt

For Text files dealing with oil and gas drilling in Alaska:
oil gas alaska drilling filetype:txt

For Rich Text Format files having to do with Tahlequah (Rich Text Format files are useful for exchanging text between different word processors and other text-processing applications:
tahlequah filetype:rtf

For information on the economic growth of Kuwait in Excel spreadsheet format:
"economic growth" kuwait filetype:xls
2. Searching for pictures. The below example will retrieve pictures of Lake Tenkiller:

tenkiller pics

3. Searching for information within a specific site. The below example illustrates a search for NSU admissions information:

4. Using Google to find word definitions. The below example illustrates how to find definitions of the word quantum:

define quantum

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