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Journal/Magazine/Newspaper Articles:

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Selected Print Resources:

Almanac of Oklahoma Politics (Ref. JK 7168 .A46)
Election Results and Statistics /Oklahoma State Election Board (Ref. JK 7192 .O38a)
Oklahoma Politics (Per. JK 7101 .O4)

Examples of Items Found Using the Above Resources When Searching for Articles on Political Attitudes in Oklahoma:

  • Combining the subject term political behavior with the title word oklahoma in ABI/Inform retrieves:
  •   "Cowboy Campaigning: Patriotism, 'Freedom,' and Right-to-Work in Oklahoma," Labor Studies Journal. 32(March 2007)1:5
  • Go to the "E-Journals by Title" link on the library homepage, and type Legislative Studies Quarterly in the search box on the next screen. Select JSTOR, then enter the keywords oklahoma political attitudes in the search box. A number of articles are retrieved.
  • Entering oklahoma politics into the Wilson Web thesaurus to identify a valid subject heading, which is Oklahoma/Politics and government, and then entering the valid subject term into the search box with Subject selected, retrieves:
  •   "The Christian Right and Republican Realignment in Oklahoma," PS: Political Science & Politics. 28(March 1995)1:11-15.

2. Web Resources

American FactFinder
Oklahoma Voter Registration Reports (1996-2011)
Campaign Donations by Candidate/Zip Code

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