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Identifying Oklahoma Libraries that Own a Book


One of the best approaches to identifying which Oklahoma library owns a needed book is to search WorldCat. WorldCat is a comprehensive catalog of the libraries around the world, including libraries found in Oklahoma such as NSU. If you are interested in finding books specifically owned by the NSU Libraries, however, it is best not to use WorldCat. Instead, use the NSU Libraries online library catalog (link is below).

Sample Search in WorldCat

Below are a series of screen captures that illustrate how to use WorldCat to find books owned by other Oklahoma libraries.

1. Start at the NSU Libraries home page. Click on Articles and Databases:

Click on "Articles and Databases"











2. Select Articles and Databases A-Z

Select "Articles and Databases A-Z"




3. Either click on the "W" at the top of this screen, or scroll down the page and click on the WorldCat (FirstSearch) link:

Scroll down and click on "WorldCat (FirstSearch)"









4. Type the title or author of the book into the appropriate search box. The below example is for a book titled America in 1857:

Type your search terms into the search box












5. The next screen shows that 1,663 libraries in the world own this book. In this case, as indicated by the "Northeastern State Univ" logo, the NSU Libraries also own the book. Click on the Libraries Worldwide link:

Click on the "Libraries Worldwide" link


6. The below screen shows all of the libraries in Oklahoma that own the book:

List of libraries that own the book










When the NSU Libraries Does Not Own the Needed Book

If the NSU Libraries system does not own a book that you need, it is likely that Interlibrary Loan will be able to obtain a copy of it free of charge for you. To learn about interlibrary loan policies and procedures, and for information on how to utilize this service, contact the Interlibrary Loan office (link is below) or the subject librarian listed below. One key to using interlibrary loan services successfully is to start your research early so that interlibrary loan requests can arrive in time. On average, it takes about one week to obtain material requested through interlibrary loan.

Contact the Subject Librarian for the Department of History: SophiaBeverley Threatt (